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Keystone Press and Town & Country Reprographics building partner relationships

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Meet The Team

Dan Biron, Chris Biron, Michele Cloutier, Carol Zimmerman

Dan Biron - Owner

Dan purchased Keystone Press in September 2012 and Town & Country Reprographics in 2017. Dan brings to Keystone more than 36 years of experience in manufacturing management, marketing and design in the United States, and worldwide. His career has included associations with Timberland, Stride Rite, Remington Boots, and Hi-Tec Sports along with a 13-year tenure as chief operating officer of his family shoe-manufacturing business in Maine.

Michele Cloutier - Account Manager

Michele brings to Keystone Press more than 30 years experience in printing sales and general business. Her wide-ranging knowledge of print production, graphic design and fine paper is an advantage to her many clients. Focusing on the Seacoast region, she serves an extensive, established list of customers and contacts throughout New Hampshire and southern Maine. Michele brings a production point of view to clients’ projects, always looking for the best, most economical way to produce what is needed.

Chris Biron - Production Manager

Chris came to work for Keystone Press in 2012. He is responsible for everything production and printing related. Chris is a valuable member of the team, directing production so that each job is served on schedule and according to the precise specs negotiated for each client. Chris has worked in every aspect of the company throughout the last 7 years and continues to provide his expertise in management. He is greatly appreciated. 

Carol Zimmerman - Office Manager

Carol came to work for Keystone Press in 2013. She is responsible for accounting and human resources tasks. Carol brings over 30 years of experience in accounting and B2B sales. She manages customers and vendors with respect and concern. Carol holds a B.S. from the University of Massachusetts, and resides in Manchester, NH with her sweet kitty.

Come in and see us!!!

In addition to our amazing management team and client management professionals, we have our talented staff of teamster's pressmen, professional graphic designers and marketing, web development personnel. These are the folks who make things happen around here. Interested clients are always welcome! Come visit us! we would love to meet you and show you around.


on schedule - prompt, efficient, accurate

Keystone Press, in partnership with our sister company, Town & Country Reprographics are committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship on schedule; prompt, efficient and accurate.

We are here to serve your printing needs. Call us to discuss options and for a quote request!

Outreach and Community Services

Each year, we create a calendar and donate all proceeds to a local non-profit. In the past, it has been THE SANTA FUND c/o New Hampshire Union Leader. This year, we are focused on building resources for Austin17House, a non-profit (501c3) youth and family community center to network with local organizations and individuals who share our vision of providing a safe place for youth to come and be themselves in a safe environment. 

The calendar has a "yesterday and today" theme and includes comparison photos of the historic city of Manchester NH from the past, with each image including a current photo of the building or building lot as it is today. Its cost is $8.00 cash, with a 2.5% courtesy fee for credit card use. Click HERE for more info.

Green Statement

At Keystone Press, we care about the environment. We understand that businesses have a special role and responsibility in keeping the planet healthy and green. And we take that responsibility seriously. We are constantly looking for new ways to conserve and promote environmental stewardship within our company and by our suppliers.  


Our Paper:

Along with recycling all of our waste paper, our main supplier of paper is triple certified by SFI and PEFC.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program is based on the premise that responsible environmental behavior and sound business decisions can co-exist. SFI program participants practice sustainable forestry on all the lands they manage. They also influence millions of additional acres through the training of loggers and foresters in best management practices and landowner outreach programs. This unique commitment to sustainable forestry recognizes that all forest landowners, not just SFI program participants, play a critical role in ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of our forests. 

The PEFC Council (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) is an independent, non- profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 1999 which promotes sustainability managed forests through independent third party certification. The PEFC provides an assurance mechanism to purchasers of wood and paper products that they are promoting the sustainable management of forests. PEFC is a global umbrella organization for the assessment of and mutual recognition of national forest certification schemes developed in a multi-stakeholder process. 

These national schemes build upon the inter-governmental processes for the promotion of sustainable forest management, a series of on-going mechanisms supported by 149 governments in the world covering 85% of the world's forest area.  

Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program

environmentally friendly, bio-base inks


Our Inks:  

We currently buy our inks from Superior Ink Company. Superior’s inks have always been designed with features that are recognized as “environmentally friendly”.  

Their sheet-fed inks and varnishes are formulated with significant amounts of bio-base, renewable resources, including vegetable oils such as linseed oil, resins based on tall oil or gum rosin, and alkyds derived from vegetable oils.  

Keystone Press is currently using a process ink line that contains as much as 26% vegetable oil content and we are at this time testing a line that contains as much as 37% vegetable oil content which is as high a content as anyone in the industry.  

Superior’s standard sheet-fed inks, (those other than their 4 color process lines), contain a limited (17-18%) amount of petroleum-derived ink oils, which are considered to be volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). In terms of VOC emissions, the EPA only considers 5% of the VOC content to be released into the atmosphere during printing. Based on this ruling, Superior’s standard sheet-fed inks release less than 1% VOC into the atmosphere during printing.

Our process inks also have a “stay open” feature. This means that our pressmen never have to “skin” off the top layer of ink before using. This greatly reduces the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of.  


Misconceptions of “Soy-Based” inks:  

The explosive growth of the bio-diesel industry has dramatically increased the demand for soybean and palm oil. Unfortunately, this has resulted in an acceleration in the destruction of tropical rain-forests as these and other environmentally-critical regions are converted into plantations.  

Any plant or vegetable-derived oil can be categorized as a bio-derived, renewable resource. Soybean oil is only one of several plant-derived oils suitable for use in printing inks. In the case of sheet-fed printing inks, there are alternative oils that offer dramatically better performance. In particular, drying oils such as linseed oil and tung oil are especially useful, since these oils have chemical structures that readily oxidize to give a durable printed film. Soybean oil, on the other hand, is considered a semi-drying oil, and is not suitable as the sole oil in a modern sheet-fed printing ink. Linseed oil is the most environmentally responsible vegetable oil for sheet-fed inks as it is not suitable for use as a bio-diesel fuel and does not threaten to erode the world’s rain-forests.   




 linseed oil and tung oil based inks

Our Pressroom Chemistry:  

Keystone Press and it’s suppliers are equally committed to the environment. Our fountain solution has not contained any alcohol since 1995, well before it was an industry standard. We use the lowest VOC press washes that are available to us, continue to recycle our used press wash and all of our press-room rags are professionally cleaned and returned to us to be used again.