posters, banners and signs - polycoat cardboard, polybag, corrugated plastic large format printing.

Event Packages

Are you planning an event, promoting a grande opening, presenting a product or service, or showcasing your storefront with an attractive display? *Call us. Not only will we print your banners, signs and posters, we will also produce all of your associated marketing materials. Call us for your branded mailers, flyers and postcards, as well as stationery products, promotional merchandise items, invitations, table cards and everything else you need to optimize your promotional efforts.

Are you getting married? Does your local sports team need some showboating? We have materials for indoor and outdoor displays, and we supply the associated hardware or support structures.


Our team of graphic designers is available to help you transform your ideas into visually stunning signs and banners. Choose from a selection of pre-prepared templates, or send us your own artwork and design layout.

Having a block party, yard sale or family reunion? Yard signs are perfect to inform guests and invitees. Celebrating a birthday, wedding, grand opening, or just promoting a new line of products, services or pricing schema? Hang a banner where the most impact can be realized. Banners and signs can promote your town’s sporting events, registration timeline reminders, community events, political office interest – any promotional communications or visual presentation – large or small, we can do it all! 

24pt Cardboard with polycoat weather protectant that generally is folded over a U-Wire frame


Call now to get started on your design, or provide a “print-ready file” - refer to the FILE FORMAT GUIDE. There are several options to choose from based on indoor vs outdoor durability, hanging or lawn post styles, one side printed or two. The possibilities are numerous. Our specialized team is ready to guide you through the selection process so that it’s easy for you.

Lawn Signs: strong, durable and weather resistant for several months outdoors, with three application options:

  1. Curragated Plastic, 4mm, with an H-Wire frame
  2. Cardboard, 24pt, with polycoat weather protectant, folds over a U-Wire frame 
  3. Poly Bag - heavy-duty polyethylene sleeve that slips easily over the heavy-duty steel frame

Make a selection from several common size options, or Call for a custom quote!

☑  18" x 24"☑  22" x 28"☑  28" x 44"☑  48" x 48"☑  48" x 96"


  • 13 oz vinyl with reinforced grommets for convenient wall mounted displays.
  • Size options are unlimited. Name it, we'll print it.
  • Indoor and outdoor banner displays.



An economic and versatile option for large format presentations.

Choose finishes from glossy to matte, and material from thick to thin. Communicate your visual graphics, branded identity, sales offers, event information, announcements or even works of art and stunning photographic reprints for framed fine art exhibits. 

Large format displays for every occasion. Call Keystone Press for a free quote today! 603.622.5222