Merchandise Printing

Call us for logo branded trade show giveaway items, employee gift programs, event and promotional swag, organization uniforms, etc

As always, we have a team of graphic designers available to help you pull your branded logo into a design for every promotional opportunity.

Promotional items include, but are not limited to the following:


  • T-shirts
  • Hats/headgear
  • backpacks/bags
  • sweatshirts/pullovers
  • uniforms
  • polo shirts
  • athletic gear
  • sunglasses


  • coffee/beer mugs
  • glassware
  • disposables
  • novelty
  • travel mugs
  • sport/water bottles
  • coasters
  • koozies

Trade Show Giveaways

  • cell phone accessories
  • USB flash drives/tech gear
  • lip balm/health items
  • magnets/decals
  • frizbees/spinners/games
  • pens/office & desktop items
  • lanyards/name tags/pass tags
  • table throws/display devices

Promo/Novelty Items

  • reusable shopping bags
  • gift bags
  • wall/desk calendars
  • pads
  • stationary
  • tech bags/stylus/charger accessories
  • coolers/totes/sports packs

Keystone Press prints calendars

Keystone Press prints logo branded drink-ware

Keystone Press prints logo branded magnets, decals, writing utensils and accessories

Keystone Press prints logo branded bags, totes, tags and household items

Keystone Press prints logo branded trade show giveaways, lanyards and ID tags

Keystone Press prints logo branded merchandise, t-shirts and apparel